COVID-19 Updates

Q: Are you experiencing shipping delays?

    • A: Please get in touch with us if this is the case. UPS registered mail services are operating mostly at the usual rate, but delays are not excluded due to the current situation.

Q: What is the best way to get a consultation from us right now?

    • A: In order for you to receive the same professional consultation as we offer in our atelier, we are now able to get in touch through your preferred platform (Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc.) in order for you to speak to one of our diamond specialists. We will provide the same tailored service and diamond consultation as in store, and will accommodate for you as a customer based on time & availability. Use the ‘Contact Us’ page to get in touch!

Our Diamonds

Q: Are lab grown diamonds ‘real’?

    • A: Lab grown diamonds are physically and chemically completely identical to natural diamonds. Unlike diamond substitutes, lab grown diamonds are made of the exact same crystallised carbon as natural ones. 
Q: If lab grown diamonds are just as ‘real’ as natural diamonds, what is the difference?
    • A: Lab grown diamonds are made under artificial conditions and require no harmful extraction of diamonds from the earth. Small diamond fragments are grown and cultivated in a lab to achieve the natural raw form of diamond. A trained gemologist could only tell the difference using a specialised machine. 
Q: How do lab grown diamonds look in their raw form?
    • A: Lab grown diamonds are not perfect and appear in the same raw form as natural ones, meaning they need to be cut and polished in order to reach their final form. 
Q: Do lab grown diamonds come with different clarities, colours, and certificates?
    • A: Yes. Lab grown diamonds are classified in the same way as natural diamonds and show differences in color and clarity. Our stones are always color G or E-F, with clarity SI1+ or VS+, with IGI/HRD (International Gemological Institute / Hoge Raad voor Diamant) certificates provided starting from carat weight 0.50. 
Q: Still confused?
    • A: See our ‘Learn More’ page to find out more information on lab grown diamonds.

Our Jewellery

Q: How can I find out my ring size?
    • A: You can either get a free ring sizer from us by clicking here, or you can read our ring sizing guide in order to find out your ring size from home.
Q: How fast will it typically take for my order to be processed and shipped?
    • A: Our pieces are made to order by our master goldsmith and therefore can often take 4-6 weeks to arrive at your chosen destination. If the product is in stock, then we can often send it right away with 4-5 days delivery.
Q: How long does shipping usually take?
    • A: From the moment the pieces are sent using UPS registered mail services, this will take 4-5 business days within the EU. Internationally, shipping can take up to 14 business days depending on the exact location. 
Q: Can I get a refund/return my order?
    • A: We accept returns in exchange for a full refund within 14 days of receiving the product. Within Germany, we can provide you with a return shipping label. For international orders, please get in touch with us to find out whether we can cover the cost of shipping. 
    • Find out more about this on our ‘Returns’ page.
Q: Does my LM Studio piece come with a warranty?
    • A: Yes, all of our pieces come with a 2 year warranty which covers manufacturing defects. This does not include damage due to wear & tear or improper cleaning. For more information see our terms & conditions.
Q: How can I clean my LM Studio piece?
    • We recommend cleaning carefully with a mild dish soap as this will remove all major debris and coating from hand lotion or make up. Otherwise, you can send us your pieces for a professional cleaning. 
Q: Can I see the LM Studio pieces in person?
    • We have an atelier in Berlin where you can book an appointment in the ‘Contact Us’ section for an in person consultation and viewing.