Identical to natural mined diamonds
A better cut and clarity for a lower price
A sustainable source, using fewer resources and facilities in the process 
Production with a lower carbon footprint
Meticulously chosen to fit the highest standards 
Lab grown diamonds (LGDs) are physically identical to natural diamonds in almost every way, except they are produced in a laboratory using cutting edge technology and are therefore on average better priced and more sustainable than mined diamonds. Composed of the same molecular structure as mined diamonds, meaning there is no alteration in physical and optical properties to their natural twins, the conditions in a mine are recreated from a small diamond fragment. In that sense, LGDs have the same raw form as natural diamonds and must also be cut and polished in order to reach their final form.

Why do we prefer lab grown diamonds?

Natural diamonds grow over the course of billions of years, deep underneath the Earth’s crust where extremely high temperatures and pressures formed crystallised carbon out of regular carbon molecules. Through volcanic activity, these were then brought to the surface hidden in coals where they must be mined out. This process irreversibly damages the sites at which mining occurs, and leaves a large carbon footprint. One single carat of diamond requires the destruction of a huge amount of land leaving a large & permanent crater. LGDs recreate those same conditions in a lab in order to repeat the same process in a matter of weeks. The High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) method uses a simulated environment where a natural diamond seed is placed into a plasma reactor, creating a distinctively shaped diamond large enough to be considered a gem. These must also undergo a process of cutting and polishing in order to reveal their inner sparkle and beauty. 

A Promise of Quality

Lab grown diamonds are the same as natural diamonds in all ways but one, that they were not unearthed from nature but created in a laboratory using cutting edge technology. They have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as their natural twin but leave a much lighter footprint on the environment. LGD’s are grown as opposed to mined. This process takes place in a highly controlled environment by placing a diamond seed into a plasma reactor mimicking the conditions needed in nature over a period of weeks to create large enough diamonds to be used as gem quality. Then, just as with their natural diamond twins, they are sent to a cutting and polishing facility to reveal their inner sparkle and beauty. They are so similar that only specialised machines can tell which one is natural and which one man-made.

Just like with mined diamonds, each stone is then carefully examined and graded according to its cut and clarity. All of our lab grown diamonds are hand picked to be at least SI1+ and color G which means they have very few inclusions and blemishes under 10x magnification and are radiant white in color. Our designers make sure themselves that every stone used in our collection fits these criteria and comes with the relevant HRD/IGI diamond grading report if it is above a 0.50 ct weight. This includes all information one would need to classify the stone, known as the 4 C’s (Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut) which are used to determine the quality and size of your diamond. 

Our Team 

Just like with all great products, what matters is the people behind the scenes who make the wheels turn and bring new ideas into life. The founders, Leo Eberlin and Steven Neumann, started the now globally renowned jewellery brand Leo Mathild and have three-generation’s worth of diamond trading experience respectively, combining their expertise to create this brand. Thirsty for knowledge, our team has travelled to places like Antwerp, the Italian city of Vicenza, and Tel Aviv in order to learn the essentials of jewellery and aid in the design of our collections.