Lab grown diamonds. 

Sustainably produced, with less resource consumption and a reduced carbon footprint. 

Carefully hand selected to meet the highest standards. 


Lab grown diamonds are in no sense inferior to their natural equivalent. They are composed of the same molecular structure as mined diamonds, resulting in the same physical, chemical and optical properties.

The sole and most important difference is in their origin. Whereas natural diamonds grow deep underground, their Lab grown counterparts are grown in a laboratory with the help of the most advanced technology. The result are more affordable and, above all, far more sustainable diamonds.



Why do we value lab grown diamonds?


Natural diamonds form over the course of billions of years deep beneath the earth's surface. The prevailing conditions of extremely high temperatures and pressure cause normal carbon molecules to transform into crystallized carbon, a raw diamond. Through volcanic activity, the rough diamonds have been brought further to the earth's surface, hidden in kimberlite rock to be mined. Using the alternative lab grown approach, natural conditions are simulated in a laboratory, allowing the natural growth process to be replicated in a few weeks. In order to simulate these conditions, two different methods can be applied. 



The HPHT process uses a small diamond seed embedded in carbon, the element from which diamonds are composed. The diamond seed is exposed to extreme heat and pressure, replicating the natural growing conditions of a diamond. As the carbon melts, it forms around the seed. Finally, the carbon is cooled down and the diamond is formed.



Using the CVD method, a diamond seed is placed in a vacuum chamber. The chamber then gets filled with carbon-rich gases and is heated to extremely high temperatures. Due to the heated environment, the gas transforms into a plasma, resulting in the release of carbon pieces. These carbon pieces then accumulate on top of the diamond seed, causing the diamond to grow.

Finally, the grown rough diamond is cut and polished to reveal its exquisite brilliance and sparkle, waiting to become the very heart of your piece of jewelry.


A Promise of Quality


As with mined diamonds, each stone is carefully examined and graded according to its color and clarity. All our lab grown diamonds are hand selected to be at least a SI1+ clarity and color G, meaning they have very few inclusions and blemishes under 10x magnification and are radiant white in color. We ensure that each stone in our collection fulfills these criteria and is provided with the official HRD/IGI diamond grading report if it is above a 0.50 ct weight. This report includes all the information required to classify the stone, known as the 4 C’s (Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut), used to determine the quality and size of your diamond.


Our Team 


Just like with all great products, it is the people who spark new inspiration and make ideas come to life. Behind the now world-renowned jewelry brands Leo Mathild and LM Studio stand the two founders, Leo Eberlin and Steven Neuman, blending their expertise and experience in the diamond trade from three generations combined to lead the thriving brands. Our LM team is fueled by the passion for stones and excellent craftsmanship, striving to create a timeless piece of jewelry to treasure your most memorable moments.