Lab grown diamonds are the same as natural diamonds in all ways but one, that they were not unearthed from nature but created in a laboratory using cutting edge technology. They have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as their natural twin but leave a much lighter footprint on the environment. LGD’s are grown as opposed to mined. This process take place in a highly controlled environment by placing a diamond seed into a plasma reactor mimicking the conditions needed in nature over a period weeks to create large enough crystals to be used as gem quality diamonds. Then, just as with their natural diamond twins, they are sent to a cutting and polishing facility to reveal their inner sparkle and beauty. In fact, they are so similar that only specialised machines can tell which one is natural an which one man-made.
Through vast experience, LM Studio selects only the finest diamonds to give you exquisite jewellery at more friendly price points. All our diamonds come with an HRD diamond grading report stating its characteristics also known as the 4 C’s; Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut. LM Studio uses only G colour or better and Si1 clarity or better grades. So no matter the occasion, you are in good hands for your sustainable diamond jewellery purchases.



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